Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Quest to be Missional: Heal the Sick, part 4-of-5

The following is part-4 of a 5-part blog series on The Quest to be Missional.  I'm sure it would be quite helpful if you were to take a moment and read blogs 1-3 before taking-on blog-4 and Step-3 of Prayer Evangelism.  The Outsider/Insider jargon comes from blog-1. 

The word missio is Latin for "mission".  It means sent or sending.  The phrase Missio Deo means "Missional God."  According to the Bible, we have a Missional God who sends himself into the world so that we can participate in His kingdom work.  One key way for believers to share this hope with those who do not know such good news, is to practice the game-plan Jesus lays-out in Luke 10:1-9.  After all, God sent Jesus...and Jesus sends us (see John 17:18).

Starting in blog-2 of The Quest to be Missional, I've been expressing the daily-practice steps to what can be called, Prayer Evangelism.  It is a biblical life-style for Church Insiders to live the faith on the Outside, so that Outsiders can know and experience the life-changing love Inside the Father!

Step-1 from Luke 10:1-9:  Speak Peace, verse 5.
Step-2 from Luke 10:1-9:  Remain in that house...make connections and relationships, verse 7.
Step-3 from Luke 10:1-9:  Heal the sick who are there, verse 9.

You see, once you've been praying peace over a sphere of influence, the peace of Jesus (in power) breaks the curse of darkness and bleeds forth the hope of light.  This is an act of faith working in the spiritual realm.  It's spiritual climate change!  It leads to a home field advantage for you as the Holy Spirit now guides you in making trusting relationships with others--- within your neighborhood, work, school, etc.  Once Outsiders realize being a Christian isn't about condemning or judging them OUT, the Outsiders are way more interested in hearing about Jesus IN your life.  Often times they will directly ask you to pray for them!  You didn't have to force them and you didn't have to talk them into it, they just became open to being prayed for because the Spirit has led them to trusting you through your relationship with them!  (You are in relationship with them, of course, because you have a relationship with Jesus!)

At this point, pray for them in person!  They may, or may not, be ready to receive Jesus as Lord, or even go to church with you...but they are at least trusting you for something greater--- and God is greater!  Pray for their felt needs that require some sort of healing (as expressed by them, to you).  Obviously healing comes in many forms.  There's not only physical healing, but emotional, relational, motivational and spiritual healing.  Continue to build-up peace and continue to build-up trust (Steps 1 and 2).  Love them as Christ first loves you.  The Holy Spirit will crack them because you've been asking the Holy Spirit to crack YOU into HIS plans!

This means Step-4 is now ripe and ready to enter.  The kingdom is near!  Tomorrow, I'll share more on that.  Thanks for staying tuned in!     

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