Wednesday, August 26, 2015

War Room...the movie

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against...the powers of this dark world...."  (Ephesians 6:12)

My wife and I just witnessed an advance showing of the movie, WAR ROOM.  We give it, "Two thumbs up, 8 more fingers and a side of 10 toes!"  The flick hits national screens this Friday, August 28th.  I highly recommend YOU see it as well!  But, just like following Jesus, don't witness the movie alone.  Instead, use this great tool to invite (even pay for) others to join you.  You have my word, the movie will inspire and challenge you in a manner that few movies are able.  After that, I invite you to consider developing small ministry group(s) to not only discuss the movie's impact, but to pray together in how its story-line can develop a renewed prayer-life-power for your church and your city!  

In case you men are wondering if this is some feel-good marshmallow-movie, I'm telling you it is anything but soft.  It hits the heart hard...penetrates the enemy of apathy...and blows it up!  I believe this flick will empower you with the scriptural-weapons you need to win life's daily battles over your family. WAR ROOM equips men, women and children to receive the truth of Jesus as warrior king, calling us to join him in the Holy Spirit of conquering the darkness that seeks to consume our families, work places and cities.  In Christ, we always win on the battlefield of life--- so watch the movie and experience how!

WAR ROOM is another family-friendly, Christian film written, produced, and directed by the Kendrick Brothers, Alex and Stephen.  They are the creators of such films as, Facing the Giants, FireProof and Courageous.  All previous Kendrick movies have been used by churches around the nation to ignite new ministries.  For example, while I was pastoring my Minnesota church plant, we used FireProof to jump start a marriage ministry, then a couple years later used Courageous to inspire our men's ministry to emulate the movie and develop courageous-covenants.  I now invite you to watch and experience WAR ROOM, in theaters today, and let the Holy Spirit direct you, and your church, in making a prayer-packed impact!

Check out a trailer preview here:

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